A Story in Promoting Meditation in Central Java: Opportunity and Challenge

  • Abstract

    • Meditation is a core teaching of Buddhism. This practice will pave the way in strengthening the moral foundation (sīla) and sharpen the wisdom (paññā). These three practices i.e. sīla, samādhi and pañña are the main pillars of Buddhist teaching. It should be noted that practicing sīla by being a good and a kind person is not enough. Sīla should be accompanied by the practice of samādhi so that, these two will bring wisdom (paññā) and finally will end up the samsaric life. The Uposatha Sutta clearly records how sīla will lead to samādhi and finally will end at the destruction of defilement of the mind.[1] The evidence that moral practice will lead to the unshaken concentration is not only found in this nikāya but also can be seen in the other nikāyas where it is the stated that sīla is conducive to concentration (samādhisaṃvattanika).

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    • Meditation, Central Java, Opportunity and Challenge
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